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John Rentoul is chief political commentator for The Independent on Sunday, and visiting fellow at Queen Mary, University of London, where he teaches contemporary history. Previously he was chief leader writer for The Independent. He has written a biography of Tony Blair, whom he admired more at the end of his time in office than he did at the beginning.

"The Independent's must-read man" - Daniel Finkelstein

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Tony Blair: two more corrections

Posted by John Rentoul
  • Friday, 22 May 2009 at 12:14 pm
It is a bumper week for factual inaccuracies about the former Prime Minister. The Guardian has already published two corrections, one of which I noted yesterday. The other was this report that, although Tony Blair had given $900,000 of his $1m Dan David prize to his foundations (half to the Faith Foundation, half to the Sports Foundation), he had pocketed the remaining $100,000 for himself. It has now "been corrected to include the fact that 10 per cent of the prize money was donated to Tel Aviv University".

Most surprising, though, was the recycling last week by the Daily Mail of a year-old untrue story that some of Blair's expenses had been "accidentally" shredded. This has of course set off every conspiracy nut* on the internet, including Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat conspiracy nut, quoted in last week's Mail news story. Baker still poses as the Mr Clean of Parliamentary Expenses despite having been found out by his local newspaper claiming for rent that he paid himself.

Prize for the most graceless correction goes to Jon Snow, the Channel 4 News presenter, whose Snowblog at least reports that the story is untrue, but somehow manages to blame Blair's office for its failure to check the story before reporting it.

Needless to say, the story is half way round the world by now, including in respectable commentary by the usually estimable Benedict Brogan, before the truth has got its boots on.

*You think I exaggerate? Look at the comments posted on Jon Snow's original blog, including:

At 4:17 pm on May 18, 2009 mass manipulaters wrote:

Blair is a 33rd degree mason and a bilderberger, he is protected by the devil.


Tony Blair and expenses
shirley_mac wrote:
Friday, 22 May 2009 at 01:34 pm (UTC)
'Previously he was chief leader writer for The Independent. He has written a biography of Tony Blair, whom he admired more at the end of his time in office than he did at the beginning'

Whilst I am pleased to see that at least there is someone out there who admires Tony Blair I am disappointed that you have failed to write correctly. It was the Times who wrote a year ago that Blairs expenses had been shredded. So stop being so condescending and do your homework.

One has to ask a few pertinent questions and the first one is how Blair afforded to buy a house for some £3.5million when his salary was only £140.000 per annum. I believe that even with the 'loverly' Cherie's contributions the joint sum amounted to £300.000. She also was buying up properties in Bristol at the there's her contribution gone. Since being PM he has amassed a property portfolio of some £10million... half of that whilst at No10. So as his biographer maybe you can tell us all how he afforded this.

Second question is if his expenses have not been shredded why are they not available for disclosure.

Wake up and smell the coffee Mr Rentoul. It is Blair who has ruined this country, when the going got tough he handed over the reigns to a complete imbecile who is now having to deal with the fallout left behind from Blair.

it looks like Blair did a good spin job on you the same has he did to the people of this country. I am not a conspiracy nut, just someone who is suffering and paying the price for the corrupt politics that we have had to put up with since 1997. I now know what the public felt like in French Revolution.
Re: Tony Blair and expenses
j_rentoul wrote:
Friday, 22 May 2009 at 01:47 pm (UTC)
Yes, The Sunday Times also published the original story. It was also wrong. Blair's expenses for the period have been published, including here:
Both of the Blairs
cronyblatcher wrote:
Friday, 22 May 2009 at 04:17 pm (UTC)
are common or garden professional opportunists
shirley_mac wrote:
Friday, 22 May 2009 at 04:26 pm (UTC)
As already emailed to you Mr Rentoul. The link you have posted was in April 2008...After the Times had printed this article and after exhaustive research they then wrote in MAY 2008 that indeed most of his expenses had been shredded... They did not make this up, they were finally told this by the office that dealt with Blairs expenses....If you have the expenses or have an up to date link and know different from us then please can you print them so that we can view for ourselves. No out of date links this time. Your dedication to this spin merchant are commendable, so back up your admiration and statements with facts.
Freedom of Information
libertyandtruth wrote:
Friday, 22 May 2009 at 04:54 pm (UTC)
Can the Indy please request Blair's expenses details via FoI?

If these expenses details have not been shredded, then surely with persistence, you will get them eventually?

Public opinion is very much on your side. Revealing these details would put the Telegraph's revelations in the shade!

Millions of people want Blair tried for war crimes and re-investigated for cash-for-you-name-it scandals.

What a scalp to claim!
Re: Freedom of Information
blairsupporter wrote:
Friday, 22 May 2009 at 10:16 pm (UTC)
'libertyandtruth' wouldn't know the meaning of those words if he fell over them every day. OBVIOUSLY.

Try and keep up. I realise Mr Rentoul, as with Mr Snow, has issues with the comprehension capabilities of his commenters, but Mr Blair has already provided his expenses.

Millions of people want Blair for EU President too. Forget your puerile "war crimes". It's fallacious, wrong, simple-minded and would be blown out of any court. Ditto the cash-for-honours rubbish.

But I'm thinking of starting a campaign to prosecute the three Welsh National MPs who put thir legal costs over prosecuting Blair on "honours" on their EXPENSES.

Now go on, libertyandtruth, you and shirely_mac, upright citizens both, will willingly sign up to THAT misuse of OUR money.

Won't you? Well, won't you? Or is that a 'principle' too far?

Sign up here:

Re: Freedom of Information
libertyandtruth wrote:
Friday, 22 May 2009 at 10:22 pm (UTC)
blairsupporter, your handle says it all - not biased at all, are you?

Would you care to provide a link which lists all Blair's expenses, including the various houses WE helped pay for?
Re: Freedom of Information
blairsupporter wrote:
Saturday, 23 May 2009 at 09:27 am (UTC)
libertyandtruth - Spot on! I'm absolutely biased. Unlike your good self who ASSUMES to know that "WE helped pay for" Blair's houses.

You don't mean to say that you're coming up against a dead end in your TRUTH SEEKING, do you? Awwww ... You don't require help from such as me - the sort who believes in innocent until proven guilty?

Keep on searching - the truth will out.
On Blair & Correcting the "correctors"
blairsupporter wrote:
Friday, 22 May 2009 at 10:04 pm (UTC)
Shirley_Mac is such a badly done by individual (but hey, no conspiracy nut) that she is dedicated to uncovering all the bad about Blair and to putting all the rest of us to right.

Hair-splitting as to which media outlet said what first is a red herring. She will look for ANY reason to prove Blair a corrupt PM, MP and man. I'm actually sick of these ignorant know-alls.

He could have pooled moneys from within his family for all SHE knows for a deposit on his Connaught Square property.

People like her need to look at others in a more positive light. It's a much nicer way to live, honestly. Then, for instance with the former PM she might recall his good works in the Balkans and Africa, for a start. She might recall he was a first mover over climate change. She might recall that he devolved power to the disparate parts of the UK, and brought peace to Northern Ireland, where all others had failed for centuries. He attempted to work with other parties, spent 4 years, including after 1997, in discussion with Paddy Ashdown on the issue, stopped in his tracks by Brown & Prescott.

I won't even start to mention the good works he has contributed to in the Middle East; history will show that.

So Mr Rentoul is NOT alone in respecting Tony Blair. Far from it.

shirley_mac wrote:
Saturday, 23 May 2009 at 11:06 am (UTC)

What a stupid fellow you are, but probably you are an immediate member of the Blair's Do not espouse to me about Tony Blair. He did nothing for this country except ruin it. Then when the going got tough handed over to a complete and utter imbecile. Now you go away and do your homework. If you are so sure that Blair paid for the houses via some other route then why can't we see clarification of his expenses and why don't you prove your statements...can't can you... Your responses are typical Blairite responses....never really answer the question always being bitchy, it's the same with his politicians too. So tell me Mr Clever Clogs if he was so smart why did he make the DPM John Prescott and why Chancellor Gordon Brown...His office was built up on spin and he was the devil in disguise....Climate change did not start with him..Peace in Ireland did not happen with him..John Major put that in motion . He did no good work in the Balkans or Africa, just followed the lead........and as for him being Middle East envoy where was he when Gaza was being bombed... at the Armani store opening in London....His office in Jerusalem did not see him at all until after the bombing had stopped...Some peace envoy !!!!!...he was too busy socialising. So do not preach to me, and if you want to debate Tony Blair get your facts straight....He took over a good economy and ruined it...and the lubberly Cherie who hated the countryside and the people in it, is now enjoying her new palatial country home in Buckinghamshire...just around the corner from me. Acres of land and very Baronial, a bit too much for a socialist PM....You fool he was in it for his own needs Power corrupts......Me thinks you doth protest too much...
Your ignorance on Blair knows no limits, shirley_mac
blairsupporter wrote:
Saturday, 23 May 2009 at 10:21 pm (UTC)
That's a laugh - you accuse ME of being bitchy. Amazing ignorance you display here. ALL of it. If I thought you were bright enough to understand I could pick holes in each of your accusations -

*ruining the country!
*when and why he handed over to Brown (do you REALLY know nothing about the internal goings-on? See tomorrow's Mail
*the reasons for Brown & Prescott (do you STILL fail to understand the internal political balancing required?)
*"Devil in disguise" - Oh, PURLEASE! You give yourself away with every juvenile remark.
*"No good work"?!??!! - He's a hero still today in Kosovo and Sierra Leone. Without him, Clinton would never have engaged in the ground war and Muslims would still be being ethnically cleansed by Christians.
*Gaza - presumably he was supposed to just go into Gaza despite the online threats to 'slaughter him' (and I SAW these) and get killed, was he? To keep such small biased, evil minds as yours happy? I can hear you now if the worst had happened, "Oh, great, he's dead!"

You repulse me. You ARE a stupid woman.

Read a few books by those who have studied the man before you throw the British Tory press's regurgitated junk at me. The Mail knows he is the only man who could have kept Cameron out of Downing Street.

Btw, I was not a Labour voter. Like Mr Rentoul (he's written some good books on this subject, btw) I came to Blair late, when study led me to realise what an exceptional leader he had been.

He left office reluctantly, and a YEAR before the economic crash, when the littlies who are NOW ruining the country (under Brown's continuing running of the economy) stuck the gun in his face.
Re: Your ignorance on Blair knows no limits, shirley_mac
shirley_mac wrote:
Sunday, 24 May 2009 at 11:10 am (UTC)
Judging by your reply I seem to have rattled your cage somewhat. Your hostility and venom does nothing to help me warm to your beliefs, if anything it proves to me that you are indeed the ingnorant one. My question originally was to ask how Blair could have funded a portfolio of property worth some £5million on his salary of £140.000 per annum. You still have not replied, yet you purport to know so much about the man and have still not come up with any plausible answers.

In response to your direct email to me, (I'm still wondering how you came to have my personal email address), I will rebutt your asinine points on Sierra Leone and Kosovo...

Blair took the glory for the end to the conflict in Kosovo, when it was not 'he' that ended the mess, it was the US, Russia and Finland. As is normal with this man he did a veritable 'spin' on his position in the ending of the war. I suggest that it is you that should read up on this subject.

As for Sierra Leone. Did Blair single handedly put an end to the war? NO !!! Blair did fund the country for millions each year. (which the people did not get the benefit of) he sent in the troops who managed to keep a sense of calm in the capital and early on he sent arms, much to the disgust of Westminster. Yes the country reveres him and he is still keeping up a prescence. Now he is visiting Sierra Leone to promote tourism? One has to ask why is he doing this? What is in it for him?

As for his role as Middle East Peace envoy, he has done nothing. He was given this role to act on behalf of the US, Europe, Russia and the UN. He is hated by the Arabs and was the wrong man for the job. The Arabs have not forgotten how he kissed Bush's backside and he is called 'Tony Bush' by most of the Arab nations. So no wonder he had death threats. now under Obama the US have brought in their own envoy George Mitchell, this shows the lack of confidence in Blair and his failure to achieve anything between the parties. Just for the record I would never want to see anyone hurt or killed. However he took the job knowing the risks and even he himeself said that the danger to his life came with the job...What he did not say was that when the going got tough he would get going. His lack of presence in the conflict was a disgrace.

As for the article in the Mail today, which I have read online, it does nothing but state the obvious about Gordon Brown, Whether this was written by Blair who knows. You accuse me of throwing "Tory press regurgitated junk" at you and then quote from the biggest example of just that. The Mail... I do not read the Mail I find it more a comic than a newspaper I read the Times. However your rantings about David Cameron not having a chance if Blair was still PM are somewhat delusional. Do you think the British public are all stupid?, have you not been listening to the news or reading the newspapers? Do you think that even though we have this sad example of a PM now that we are solely blaming him for the mess that this country is in. I suggest that you do some research yourself into the the thoughts of the British public on your 'hero' Blair. If he were still PM he would not stand a chance to get re-elected, the Britsh public would not fall for his 'spin' again. We have all wised up to him and his cohorts. Read the article which is the link below, actually written by the Independent on Blairs departure.

You should also reads Blairs comments on why he left office. Makes interesting reading, i don't know what you were studying or indeed what you were reading to determine that he was "A great leader" maybe you could tell us all so that whilst living the legacy he left behind we can at least have a good laugh at the same time.

i will say one final point and that is that Blair is indeed a good speaker and a brilliant actor/orator. However he missed his vocation he should have headed to Hollywood. With his love of the Jet Set and his adoration of celebrities he would have been right at home.Sadly for us he chose politics and the rest as they say is history.
Re: Your ignorance on Blair knows no limits, shirley_mac
blairsupporter wrote:
Sunday, 24 May 2009 at 12:52 pm (UTC)
And I will CONTINUE to fail to aid you in your scurrilous attempts on Blair's expenses.

You want the dirt - you do the work.

I do NOT have your personal e-mail address. Please work out how Mr Rentoul's system works. When commenters comment back to others they are informed automatically that a comment has been made by HIS system. I do NOT have your personal e-mail address, and wouldn't allow it address book space if I had.

This lack of understanding of "cause and effect" and natural suspicion goes some way to explaining how you contstantly add up two and two and get five.

You and yout ilk may say that Blair has done "nothing" in areas where people praise him; that is your wont and bias. And ignorance, of course.

It is clear that only the passing of history will show the truth as regards his input and importance in our country and the world. There is little point in you and I passing back and forth others' opinions. They are no more than opinions, some good some bad and "prove" only the points the writer wishes to make.

It would escape the rationale of a ten year old that someone who is meant to try to help negotiate peace should throw himself into the midst of a bloody conflict. He is trying to get people to TALK. It is not a time to talk when war is ongoing, but within the lull periods. There would have been NO willingness within Gaza to talk to him at that time, and, again, his life would have been in danger. And for what purpose? For nothing.

Meanwhile President Obama and Benyamin Netanyahu are trying to work through Blair's recommendations for a peace settlement in the Middle East. They have concede that HIS proposals are the right one. He already has many in the region, including the Palestinian Authority, Jordanians, Egyptians and Saudi Arabians onside. Or haven't you read any of that?

I have already written at my blog multiple examples of why I think Blair was a great leader. If you think I am going to spend time digging through it for such closed minds as yours, think again. As with the above - what for? For nothing!

You will NEVER agree with ANY of it, apart from the fact that he was a great communicator.

Check your facts on Kosovo. I do not contend that Blair "won it" on his own, of course not. Neither does he. But without him, America would not have become involved to the extent it did. And for Sierra Leone - if tourism IS their obvious natural USP, Blair would be crazy not to suggest they try to develop it. Your "what's in it for him" comment only shows how YOU as an individual fail to ever credit with good intentions those you dislike/distrust. I think that says more about YOU and your propensity to let bitterness eat away at you, than about those you dislike.

I have read and posted on my blog just about everything Tony Blair has said or written on leaving office. It certainly DOES make interesting reading. The videos too make interesting watching.

But it isn't it odd how we can both observe the same things and conclude so differently?

I can only repeat that I did not vote for him and his party, though I did admire him. I feel that from those beginnings alone I may be coming to a different conclusion from you based on more objective reasoning.

But then, you would conclude the opposite.

Of course.
Re: Your ignorance on Blair knows no limits, shirley_mac
shirley_mac wrote:
Sunday, 24 May 2009 at 02:03 pm (UTC)
Your not Cherie Blair are you as you write like a wife and menopausal women...So vitriolic...WE are still entitled to an opinion in this country and your nastiness and abuse will not stop it. Neither will your Blog...

Really why would somebody want to write a blog about defending Tony Blair unless they were either married to him or related to him..READ THE FACTS DEARIE !!!. There are very intelligent writers out there who have seen straight through him and slated him. Whilst at the same time they write that he has a certain charm. A likeable fellow, which i'm sure he is...But charm does not make you a good statesman...You have to have intelligence..something this man lacks in the bucket loads. Wit will only take you so far.

With regards Gaza if he had done any talking at all there would have been some light and no conflict. he had all the 'lull' periods afforded to him to do something, nada....Instead he stayed on an entire floor of the Colony hotel and was wined and dined by every dignitary from both sides, ample opportunity to start the process of talks. When the conflict did arise he was nowhere to be seen. Too busy picking up medals from George Dubya. All he had to do was to get the two sides together, but no he disappeared from Gaza totally. According to No 10 went on holiday.ha-ha.

I have met Netanyahu, who by the way is a very charismatic and intelligent man. A force not to be reckoned with and let me assure you that he will go with the Americans every time hence the appointment of George Mitchell. Blair had higher sights when he left No 10. He wanted to become President of Europe. the jewel in the crown for him & Cherie.... the acceptance of position as Middle East Peace envoy was the stepping stone nearer. With Sarkozy's help he might just get it...G-- help us all. Why do you think the French helped him get that prize you were spouting on about.Then he went and gave the prize money to charities....good move don't you think? another step nearer. Not hard to understand his politics, just his finances.

The link that I enclosed was to the article written by Anthony Howard on Blairs departure from No10...another fact you have wrong...

Do not bother me again..the sun is shining and Blair is history...get back to your blog and your twittering about Blair, understand one thing though you are in the minority on your admiration for Blair. Find a worthwhile subject to write about. How about Margaret Thatcher.
Re: Your ignorance on Blair knows no limits, shirley_mac
blairsupporter wrote:
Sunday, 24 May 2009 at 03:56 pm (UTC)
"Entitled to an opinion"? Yes, we ALL are. We are not entitled to doling out the uncorrected, ill-informed abuse you pile on the former PM.

And no, I am not related.


I'm surprised you know how to spell the word, dearie.

Read the facts - there are hundreds, thousands of writers out there who do not conclude as you and your like do.

Thus history will have to be Blair's judge, as I said before, not you, nor me.

I expect it is nothing more than "wit" which makes him the most sought-after speaker in the world. I expect it is wit that could see him as the EU president, shortly.

Oh, witless wonder - intelligence, wit, charisma, political nous, charm etc etc are all components required of a successful, powerful and diplomat politician. Blair has 'em all in abundance. I could NEVER do his job. I do not bear fools gladly, as you can see.

What irritates about people like you, as I MAY have mentioned before, is the constant certainties. The fly-on-the-wall "KNOWLEDGE" of all the facts and debates. The whys and wherefores you come to SO confidently and self-assuredly. And SO WRONGLY.

I do not profess to know another man's heart, but I can be as sure as anyone that Blair WANTED the Middle East job. He had and still has unfinished business. He wanted to see if he could help bring people together in this thankless task. A centuries-old conflict, so perhaps he was being TOO optimistic.

He has been the strongest pro-EU PM since Heath, and wanted to take us into the single currency years ago. So, here too, his interest is not new.

Another example of your bad sum game - "the French" who helped secure him the award from the Israeli University are academics, NOT in thrall to the French government.

You are truly a warped thinker.

Get your facts straight. Then come back and debate with the grown-ups.

Btw, I was of the opinion that you had provided two links - Howard's & Taylor's. But in case I'm wrong I'll check your previous comment, and I apologise in advance if I got it wrong.

I do so hate to get things wrong. Don't you?

Margaret Thatcher? I'm afraid I do not share your, or Blair's admiration of her. Though I must confess my distaste for the woman has lessened as the years have passed. She was a one-off and just becoming PM as a woman was to be admired. Though she pushed the ladder away for other women, with NONE in any of her cabinets in 12 years!!! (Do the research on your heroine.)

Apart from that I think she was a great divider.

Still, I dislike her less as time goes on. So, there's hope for us all.

Even you.
Re: Your ignorance on Blair knows no limits, shirley_mac
shirley_mac wrote:
Monday, 25 May 2009 at 10:06 am (UTC)
I think it's commendable that a person can be so loyal, even though the facts are there for you to read in black and white. However the people of Britain have lived through the man's leadership. Seen the chaos and destruction caused here in this country by his being PM, therefore are very qualified to correct you.

Another link for you to go to:,opinion,tony-blairs-legacy

One thing you must learn in putting a good argument across, is to write with your head and not let your heart rule. Never become personal toward your opponent, the argument is lost.

In the writing back and forth for 3-4 days you have never backed up any of your statements. Your writing is a diatribe of vitriol because I don't share your views. Behaviour such as this has never won wars either.

Margaret Thatcher, was a beacon of light for this country, we desperately needed it after another disastrous Labour government. Contrary to your statement, she is not a heroine of mine. She did have Baroness Young on her cabinet for quite a few years though, so you were wrong in saying that there were no women around her. I was being flippant in my suggestion that you write a blog on her.

Blair will not go down in history as being a good PM and as for the unelected Gordon Brown (who was put there by Blair), well we will see what happens to him! His day of reckoning is fast approaching.

As for him being pro EU don't brag about that too much. We are ruled 75% now by Europe and if the MP's in the UK have abused their expenses one can only imagine what the MEP's in Europe have been and are still doing. You will find that's not too far off the front page headlines. I do not want to be a part of the EU anymore, and I do not want the Euro as currency. The elections in June will be interesting. With regard to the EU I will bring up Jimmy Goldsmith and the Referendum Party, a millionaire and a brilliant businessman. Why would a man who was in great pain as he was dying of cancer, be so vehement about us joining the EU? He did not campaign to put a feather in his cap or to line his pockets, neither did he need accolades. The man was dying !!! He could have so easily not cared and spent his last few months with his family, yet he campaigned stoically for his beliefs about Europe and stated what a disaster it would be for we as a nation to be part of Europe. I would very much like to see him here today alive and well.

I have read many articles about Blair. The one thing that shines through is his ability to charm. Even when reporters have vilified him they still say that he excudes a certain like ability and a good orator. No wonder he is earning so much money on the speech circuit. I read that he charged the Chinese some £240.000 for one such speech, once again to the disgust of Westminster. He'll need all he can get to fund his excessive life style. lets not forget his salary from the companies Zurich and JP Morgan and there's the book deal. Whilst I will admit that he does not get paid for his Middle Eastern envoy role, only expenses (aaahh that word again ) nothing is ever done for nothing & nothing is precisely what he has done in the Middle East. He has a huge staff working in Jerusalem that has thus so far cost we the taxpayer some £500.000. Even though he is within the auspices of the "quartet' the overall costs have been in excess of £2m. So please do not preach "Cause and effect" to me.

Like the rest of this country I do not have faith in politics or politicians anymore. This has not happened over night it has been a slow process. Everything that we were told by Blair, including matters of economic growth, and his wanting to be re-elected in the last election "so he can serve another term as PM for this country" were lies.

As a dedicated follower and supporter of Blair you have done nothing to sway my beliefs. You behave just like his cabinet, vapid and without substance. I stand even more resolute in my thoughts.

Times are changing and the truth will out. More so now than ever before.

Keep up the good work and the torch well lit.

Re: Your ignorance on Blair knows no limits, shirley_mac
blairsupporter wrote:
Monday, 25 May 2009 at 11:12 am (UTC)
The "facts" as you so clearly put it, ar not interpreted in the same way by all.

As I said before we can back and forth to each other all we want to "prove" our points. We will prove nothing to each other.

I think you should start - on the "personal" accusations, by understanding that the difference between you and me is that I am defending a third party. YOU, on the other hand, are only defending your own opinions. Perhaps defending someone else is more noble? Perhaps? Or would you recognise nobility?

To put it simply, which of us is more full of ourselves and more certain of the importance of our own opinions?

I often read online vitriol poured out against Blair. You really don't need to send me the links to prove nasty, narrow-minds exist. I know that already. We ALL do. The great preponderence of such stuff is why so many people assume the vitriol is deserved.

It is NOT, imho.

Here are a couple of links, if links you want.

Washington Post - Bowing Out - mention of disillusion over Iraq. (Despite his having won a 3rd election 2 years after the invasion. Iraq was, imho, the RIGHT decision, and will be seen to be in time.):

History will judge him:

Political scientists judge him better than historians:

I really resent how you know "everything he said" were lies. This is why I get "personal" at times. You know NOTHING for sure, and yet you spout off as though you were inside someone else's mind. It's so juvenile.

You just ask for personal abuse to be be thrown at you. As I said I didn't rate Thatcher, but I wouldn't have said she or any politician just LIES all the time. On the other hand I DO understand that none of them, not one, is an angel.

A more mature understanding of the complexities within politics would be a useful start.

Anyway, you're not interested in politics since you have lost all faith, so why bother writing about this former PM? Oh, yes, you ARE interested enough to make sure we ALL know that he was a bad 'un.

SILLY, silly, silly.

Your views on Europe shine a light too.

Personally I have always been keen on the European project. But that is largely because I am not a little Englander. I see many forces in this world raging against western liberal democracy, and I understand that we need to counter-balance this with a unified political force in Europe.

Goldsmith was a man of conviction. Personally I disagreed strongly with his leanings as regards Europe. But we need people of conviction in this world of easy liberal moral equivalence, where we are taught by the liberal press that ALL political states and stances are as worthy as all others. The press, in its "principled liberalism" has all but destroyed our ability to differentiate good from evil.

If you have a chance go and listen to "A Point of View" by Clive James this week on Radio 4. Here he lays much of the blame for the fate of women in many Middle Eastern countries at the feet of silent western feminists.

It is a good listen.

You might think it interesting that it takes a man to remind women to get back on their feminist feet.

Back to Blair.

We won't agree on this subject.

I thnk he is a good man and was a great prime minister. You think neither.

None of us will be around in 100 years when history has had time to chew the cud, but I still believe my position will be seen to be the right one.
Re: Your ignorance on Blair knows no limits, shirley_mac
shirley_mac wrote:
Monday, 25 May 2009 at 12:18 pm (UTC)
You have called me ignorant, juvenile,unintelligent,immature, small minded and on and on....

If I am so stupid why waste the time to respond. Surely with your inane blog to write and all the twittering you do, you don't have the time for such ignorant people as myself. I note as well that there is very little to be said about yourself on your blog. Your reasoning for this is pathetic...Then I read the comments that people have written on your site....I rest my case... The time it takes for you to comment on negative reports about Blair...I see your 'at it' all the time.... and for you to uncover all the good articles about Blair tells me something...You have nothing more to do in your life, it's sad.

BTW the reason I am disillusioned with politics and politicians is BECAUSE OF BLAIR and the domino effect he has had on this country.

Get back to your blog and yes you are right I will never agree with you, when you get into the real world maybe...Oh and the biggest laugh of all is this......

"Cherie Blair wife of former British prime minister Tony Blair has compared her husband to British wartime leader Winston Churchill saying history will judge him "very well" and he will be "up there with Churchill".

I read all the negative comments regarding this and then there was yours....You were on your own then and you are still on your own..

I feel the stirrings of a blog in what can I blog about?......lets see...
Re: Your ignorance on Blair knows no limits, shirley_mac
blairsupporter wrote:
Monday, 25 May 2009 at 12:25 pm (UTC)
I do find it easy to write, true. It is no effort to argue against small minds.

Yes, do go off and start your own blog.

You'll have plenty of hangers and floggers signing up, I'm sure.
Re: Your ignorance on Blair knows no limits, shirley_mac
shirley_mac wrote:
Monday, 25 May 2009 at 02:21 pm (UTC)
The answers to this article in the Independent yesterday says it all...I don't see your comments anywhere...BUT READ WHAT THEY ARE WRITING ABOUT YOUR MESSIAH !!!!!
Blair expenses and the 3 Plaid Cymru MP cheats
blairsupporter wrote:
Saturday, 23 May 2009 at 10:39 pm (UTC)
PS, shirley_mac

As for his expenses - if you can't find them online, you will, with the help of the Torygraph and the Daily Mail. Don't expect ME to help! Btw, Tory MPs haven't all been exactly angels, have they?

I disagree with all this hanging them out to dry, btw, of whichever party.

Although I have this one exception (interestingly NOT yet mentioned by the Torygraph): like the other Blair-hater on here, you and your principles do not extend far enough to question why three Welsh MPs were so sure of their arguments (over Iraq) and so honest and PRINCIPLED, that they put a £4,500 legal bill over the legality of the Iraq war onto YOU AND ME!

YOU AND ME, WE PAID THEIR costs for something they gave up on when they realised it was a loser. Nowhere in the Green Book is there an item which covers this kind of cost.

But these principled gents found a "good day to bury bad news" when the Telegraph was busy a few days ago, and announced it quietly on their websites.

I believe this is scandalous behaviour.

And guess what? The mainstream press, like yourself, don't even blink at this.

You and your ilk are hypocrites of the largest order.

(Nationalists’ FAILED Plan to Oust Blair: Legal Costs Paid by You & Me!)
Re: Blair expenses and the 3 Plaid Cymru MP cheats
shirley_mac wrote:
Sunday, 24 May 2009 at 11:20 am (UTC)
'And guess what? The mainstream press, like yourself, don't even blink at this'

Put your rattle back in the pram. I agree that these three MP's are pushing it. I disagree with the whole affair.

They were on 5 live on Friday and really did not have a good argument...

Re: Blair expenses and the 3 Plaid Cymru MP cheats
blairsupporter wrote:
Sunday, 24 May 2009 at 01:07 pm (UTC)
Well, thanks for something. I missed this. Won't bother you with a link - I guess it might have been Nicky Campbell's Phone-in.

As a PS to the previous.

You linked to Matthew Taylor's blog. He was criticising LEADERSHIP on both sides during the Gaza conflict - in particular Israel. He was NOT criticising an envoy, particularly not his previous boss.

Just another example of your quaint habit of adding two and two and getting five.


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